Hey, thanks for stopping by!  I am a singer, songwriter, and acoustic instrumentalist on acoustic, lapsteel(Weissenborn), and resonator guitars. Along with audio engineering and producing, I have been writing and performing original songs and cover arrangements ever since I can remember.

In the past 25 years or so, along with continually developing my recording studio, I have been focused studying, buying/selling, and playing acoustic guitars--differing brands, different woods utilized in construction, and the incredibly diverse range in tonality based on these and other variables such as age, build, etc.  My craze has been arranging and composing music and songs while experimenting with various acoustic guitars of our day, as well as collecting old prewar models.  I also love the relationships that develop as I get to know more and more of today's incredible builders of fine instruments.  They are craftsman and artists, and many are fine musicians as well, expertly blending the gifts given by the One who made it all, the Creator Himself!

I hope you enjoy my site, the links, and the music.  Thank you for stopping in, and please come by and visit again.  If you are interested in scheduling a music venue (U.S. or or international), please see my info page and contact me from this site or at kent@graceworksmusic.com. 



Music and Faith

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For Ken Totushek, the music can just happen...

For Ken Totushek, the music can just happen — the right place, the right people and the guitar comes out and a connection is made. In Japan, the Caribbean, at a school in the Middle East, in a Buddhist Temple...

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Building Bridges Through Music video

Barrington man is a musical missionary

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Barrington's Ken Totushek travles to other parts of the world to share his music.

Ken Totushek was playing a show inside a small club in Osaka, Japan, when a young man approached him in between sets. It was clear to Ken that the young man, a Japanese citizen, did not have much money, but he insisted that Ken, a tall, lanky American who wears wire-framed glasses and a short-cropped [...]

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